Project information

  • Name: CDR
  • Description: The Centrale Des Risques - CDR - is an information intermediary between banks and financial institutions, through which they exchange information about their customers' credit. It is approved by the Code of Money and Credit. It is based on the Business Process Workflow module.

    The customer amount data entry and validation process logic is performed through an integrated process that is fully managed by the new system.

    This module primarily allows banks and financial institutions to:

    • Query for existing his CDR customer positions.
    • Execute requests and monitor the responses received to update your own IT systems.
    • Send monthly CDR position statements and receive response files from the Central Bank containing relevant data for the entire banking sector.

Project information

  • Name: LCR
  • Description: Leasing Central Register - LCR - is a Risk Information Centre serving Lessors to exchange data about their Financial Lease Contracts accomplished with their customers, in line with the Finance Lease Law.

    LCR comes with a workflow engine that helps in automating repeatable business tasks, minimizing room for errors and increasing overall efficiency. It has a secured communication channel used for data exchange between members and LCR.

    LCR expands the credit access through comprehensive credit reporting. LCR enables the lessors to have the information they need to make proper decisions toward lending consumers.

    LCR expedites the whole leasing processes making them online and paperless. The lessors while complying with leasing regulations will be contributing to improve the data freshness of the credit registry